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Looking for Simple Ways to Eat Healthier in 2016?

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
  • Looking for simple ways to eat healthier in 2016?
  • Wishing for a more mindful approach to your cooking and eating?
  • Need tips and tools for making choices that create lasting changes in your life?
I’ll be teaching a class titled NEW YEAR, NEW INGREDIENTS, at the fabulous Midway Community Kitchen in Carrboro on January 20, 6-8 pm.
Come laugh, learn, taste, and be ready for an honest and open discussion on how to truly make 2016 your best year yet.



Holidaze Got You Crazed?


4-7-8 Breathing Technique to Quell Anxiety:

  • Find a place where you can sit up straight in a comfortable position.
  • Gently place the tip of your tongue on the ridge of your gums, just under your front teeth.
  • Expand your diaphragm and slowly inhale through your nose for a count of 4.
  • Hold your breath for another count of 7.
  • Open your mouth slightly and exhale for 8 counts, drawing your diaphragm in.
  • Repeat this cycle 4 times in total.

Benefits of slow diaphragmatic breathing:

  • eliminates toxins from your system
  • slows heart rate
  • increases oxygen circulation
  • improves mental clarity

Now go out there and enjoy the holidaze!

7200 Bowls of Goodness

I have estimated that my husband has consumed at least 7200 bowls of granola during the course of our relationship. Make that 7201, he just finished breakfast as I write this.

chococherryGranola-medYears ago when life was simple we made huge batches of granola together that would last a month or so. But these days we mainly resort to the bulk aisle at Whole Foods for his morning mainstay. Every so often I get adventurous and try new and different granola recipes to keep his mornings from getting stale. This recipe is crunchy, sweet, but not too sweet, a surprise in every bite. You’ve got to try it!


Oh, and by the way, I think the 7201 bowls of goodness keep him happy and healthy!